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Zeke Meeks

The first four books in the children’s chapter book series came out in January 2012. Written by Garfinkle and illustrated by Josh Alves, the books feature a third grade boy surrounded by girls, including annoying sisters, an impatient mom, and an evil classmate with long, evil fingernails.

Zeke Meeks has gotten great reviews. Kirkus Reviews says, “Hilarious first-person narration gets the details of third grade life right… Zeke has a good chance of becoming a popular fad for new readers.” Publishers Weekly says, “Levelheaded Zeke is an entertaining and likable narrator” and notes the “ample amounts of irreverent and self-referential humor.”

Supernatural Rubber Chicken

The first two books, Fowl Language and Fine-Feathered Four-Eyes, in this humorous series for children came out in June 2008. The third book, Poultry in Motion, was published in September 2008.

These books should be great for turning reluctant readers into eager readers– especially boys. Kids ages six to ten enjoy these books most.

Ethan Long created terrific illustrations on the covers and throughout the books.

Stuck in the ’70s

In 2007, Penguin published Stuck in the ’70s, my humorous novel for teens about a wild Valley girl from the present who wakes up in a male honor student’s bathtub in 1978.

The Band

In May, August, and November 2007, Penguin published my trilogy The Band, about the rocky romances and rising careers of five teens in a rock band called Amber Road. The books are full of music, drama, humor, and romance. I had a lot of fun writing them, and I hope you have fun reading them.


Storky: How I Lost My Nickname and Won the Girl was published by Penguin in hardcover in 2005 and in paperback in March 2007. It was published in German and Serbian and will be published in Italian also. It came out in audio in 2008. Storky has been described as Bridget Jones’ Diary as told by an American teenage boy with more depth, and has received much critical acclaim